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I’m a Pen & Paper Girl…for the Most Part

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pens and Pencils.”

Love, love, love that you brought this up.

Most people I know would have a difficult time remembering when they last wrote anything by hand. Maybe they personally addressed their holiday cards this year? Even that’s a stretch with readily-available mobile device to printer tech. They’ve transitioned to the digital world freely without regret.

For me, however,  composition books and multi-color ink are both the tools of my creative process and the hurdle to “just getting something posted” online. [Read: I have LOTS of stories started on paper with the intention of typing them up later.] Business writing always begins and ends on a keyboard, but story ideas, intros, outlines, and books, all seem to start on paper and stay there forever.

And no — I don’t care to go back to the pre-keyboard era either — thank you very much 🙂  How do others transition away from their “paper-forever” bent?